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One of the biggest myths about Scouting is that Groups are closing down due to a lack of young people wanting to become Members.


Nothing could be further from the truth; Scouting in the UK is a growing Movement and we currently have 30,000 young people on our national waiting lists simply because we do not have enough adults to help out.  


You may feel that you have no skills to offer Scouting - but everyone has something to give.  Doing things such as making squash and organising games means the Leader has more time to spend with the young people. Do you have any hobbies and interests that you could share? For example, are you a qualified First Aider who could run an interactive session or do you have an interest in nature and could take a Group on a fun walk through the local woods?


 If you don’t have time in the evenings when Groups meet could you use your work skills to help out a few hours a month to suit you? Are you a gardener, an accountant or work in Public Relations for example or could you take a Group to your place of work such as a police station or garden centre?

The best way to join within West Warwickshire is to speak to your local Scout Group, or by using our contact form on this website.


To find out more about what its like to volunteer as an Adult visit the Scout Associations Website